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Happy person and Frontender at EG
Happy person and Frontender
Lima Duarte - Brazil

Posted to JavaScript Concepts over 1 year ago

I really like this type of content. Things like:

function Foo(){} = 1;; // 1

And this is what i`m talking about everything is a object in JavaScript.

Posted to the best html/css framework over 1 year ago

As a #protip, i really recommend you start creating your own styleguide.

Posted to Avoid "gut feeling" in programming over 1 year ago

Douglas Crockford talk about "Gut Feeling" at last BrazilJS, i really recommend this talk >>>

Posted to My favorite JS pattern over 1 year ago

Lee, your option to local variable is a personal choice?

I take a look at your library, but i`m not advanced JS coder. When i look to something like your library, i need to take 2 steps back and learn a lot of other thing. Sorry, but i cant see the beatiful of your library now.

I know Curry becouse i`m a big fan of Angus, but a dont understand the Curry principals totally.

You make me read it now This is a area i like a lot. I try to make my work as simple as possible, make it readable. I love to discovery that exists a science behind my ideas.

I start follow you at GitHub to follow your ideas. See you.

Posted to Be a clean CSS coder (part one) over 1 year ago

@krzochalski, ok, no problem. Waiting for the second part. See you.

Posted to Be a clean CSS coder (part one) over 1 year ago

Hi. Do you put a ; after a block? Why?

If you commit a file and after, add it in .gitignore, you can follow this steps This tip save me many times.

Posted to A good .gitconfig starting point. over 1 year ago

Here, another great example,
With: --rebase options, alias, indentation and space corrections.
Comments are in portuguese.

Posted to Replace git author mail in history over 1 year ago

Hi, Johannes! Do you know if this command refresh commit date or not?

Command python -m SimpleHTTPServer dont do that? Run in your terminal and start a simple http server. Run sweet in MAC machines.

Posted to How to make good tutorials over 1 year ago

I watched the video some 38 times hahahha Every time i read a new article about OOP or Patterns in Javascript i watch this video again.

The best resources i found is:

Here a classical example from a friend:

Here, my Mixin like version of previous example:

And here my favorite aproach:

Maybe you can share how you get this as a pro tip. I do not received mine and are a lot of people saying the same thing in New Relic Facebook Page. What is the deal?

I use a very similar solution to send get links via post. In this case, i need to make a qArr[1].replace('+','%2b'), if dont, jQuery gonna crazy when make a ajax post.

Posted to Nested Selectors over 1 year ago

This website show all levels > Pretty good!

Posted to The best css evar over 1 year ago

I dont understand what you did mean about W3C screwed up. W3C dont like Box Sizing?

For IE9 and up maybe exist better solutions, but i think you make a really good example for IE8.

If you are working in a branch with a friend, a think git pull --rebase is the must.
But when finish the fix/release, i recommend use fetch and merge.

git pull --rebase is really a #protip, but exist a specific times to use it.

Anyone agree?

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