Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· fernandoperigolo

JavaScript Concepts

I started learning JS for a while and i cant understand some concepts. If are you learning JS and fell a little lost, check it out: http://bolinfest.com/javascript/misunderstood.html

Things like:

  • JavaScript Objects are Associative Arrays whose Keys are Always Strings;
  • There are Several Ways to Look Up a Value in an Object;
  • Single-quoted Strings and Double-quoted Strings are Equivalent;
  • There are Several Ways to Define an Object Literal;
  • The "prototype" Property is Not the Prototype You are Looking For(better explanation i saw);
  • The Syntax for Defining a Function is Significant;
  • What "this" Refers to When a Function is Called;
  • The "var" Keyword is Significant;
  • Block Scope is Meaningless

Probably, you see this topics in other place but, to me, the way how is explained generated a lot of "A-ha" moments.

This link was revealed to me by the JavaScript Weekly, and this is another tip. Follow this weekly accessing http://javascriptweekly.com/

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You should also check out http://bonsaiden.github.io/JavaScript-Garden/ , it's another collection of JavaScript's "confusing" parts.

over 1 year ago ·

I really like this type of content. Things like:

function Foo(){}
Foo.bar = 1;
Foo.bar; // 1

And this is what i`m talking about everything is a object in JavaScript.

over 1 year ago ·