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You can use Runnable interface instead Command. Save you one file.

Posted to Thanks to Github Trending! over 1 year ago

Thanks to the people who gave the stars too.

Little faster: you can leave the double dash (I always do that).

I guess the interpreter load all anon functions at start and put it on global. Functions with pointer (= assignment) is lazily loaded.

Posted to Accessing DOM node by id over 1 year ago

Doesn't that mean ID-used words are reversed now (can't be used as variable names)?

Posted to Get git current branch name over 1 year ago

git branch?

What is the benefit?

Posted to First, use the KISS principle over 1 year ago

My pick for KISS is "Keep it simple and stupid". In other words, "it just works".

Wild guess: load time in milliseconds? I got 487

Posted to Furatto Flat Framework over 1 year ago

Sounds interesting. Any site for doc or demo without fetching?

It seems there's gh-pages branch but no url provided to access it.

Thanks for the slides link! I smiled at 19th slide. Guess I pushed Backbone too hard.

I always use data() for 'data-' prefixed attributes. Save me a couple type :P

So why don't you make it? :) same reason as A)?

I have this idea once before but then I think:
a) someone out there must already have/been developing this
b) nothing wrong to apply on current github

Glad that Backbone is still kinda stable. And yes, Angular is really popular now, worth to learn.

Posted to Adding comments to JSON over 1 year ago

Normally JSON is not typed but generated by functions/methods. Better give comment on those.

Posted to over 1 year ago

35 minutes is too fast. They should make it one day at least.

Posted to Random Encouragement over 1 year ago

On Linux you can use "play" command.

Geez it should be reversed for easy memorize.

Posted to Update your font-size to REM units over 1 year ago

Really good info! Thanks! :D

Nice post! Didn't know these before.

(can't upvote, seems coderwall site's bug)

+1 for method chaining.

Posted to Delete ALL your installed gems over 1 year ago

How to check the size (from CLI)?

Posted to CSS UI Frameworks over 1 year ago

How about kraken?

Any advance tips for backing setting?

Posted to IF CONDITION over 1 year ago

Let me fix that :P

if ($currencyRate + 0 != 0 && $currencyRate + 0 != 0 || ($currencyRate != 0 && 0 == 0))

No declare 'cache' var?

@zekefast Thanks! it works now :)

Posted to Starting a new website? over 1 year ago

This is specific to website development but really great to know. Thanks!

Posted to Function-level cache in JavaScript over 1 year ago

@maciejsmolinski I see. Thanks for the explanation and link. I'm still relative new in JS and there're some aspects that I find... make no sense compared to other languages ^^;

Posted to Function-level cache in JavaScript over 1 year ago

Doesn't "self-executing anonymous function" make it less better?

Posted to For cleaner merges, use a strategy over 1 year ago

@copyninja Yeah reading the conflict is still a requirement but at least we have lazy option :)

I wonder if we can double-siding. Say there are conflict on 2 files and we want to side with theirs for file A and ours for file B.

Posted to For cleaner merges, use a strategy over 1 year ago

Nice, this maybe useful when merging a forked repo with the original repo (since we know the original maintainer have new update to their original repo).

Posted to emoji - The emoticons used on GitHub over 1 year ago

It has been there all this time? wow!

It would be great if there was any similiar tips to speed to speed up 2.x :(

@jacaetevha I'm able. Time to blame the .gitconfig.

I just paste it to .gitconfig but the alias expansion failed (not command).

@nischee I mean, Async class as the solution :)

Async right?

Posted to Java and JavaScript over 1 year ago

@penguinpaul Okay you say "Prof" I am scared now.

@codepros and I thought noscript alone is enough. Need nostyle add-on now :P

Interesting trick. The <span> is hidden?

What's the difference to 'git status'?

Posted to Zombie Apocalypse over 1 year ago

404 :(

Posted to One line browser notepad over 1 year ago

Never saw 1000 votes protip before. This one worth it :)

Posted to pgrep & pkill. over 1 year ago

@gahtune should try it and stop using pidof :)

Posted to Cloning Java objects over 1 year ago

Nice article. It is one of commonly newbie (esp Java) mistakes.

Posted to Hidden LOTR Calendar in Linux over 1 year ago

@manveru Here available on Mint 14.

Posted to Hidden LOTR Calendar in Linux over 1 year ago

As a fan of LOTR, this is really awesome!

Posted to remembering the order of for() over 1 year ago
for (I ; C; E) A;

Every time, "C? A then E".

It'll be better if it also simplifies the process of choosing a license, as we know there're so many license (for open source).

Posted to over 1 year ago

Thanks for the link! very rich of contents!

It may depends on the situation. I still prefer the first on game dev as it'll be faster.

Posted to Run mysql console in Windows over 1 year ago

I use MySQL 5.5. Normally I just go to Start menu and pick "MySQL 5.5 Command Line Client" but the case maybe different when you're forced to work on CMD :)

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