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git config --local have to be done just once per clone, as the setting is stored in .git/config. But instead you are doing it every time you enter the repo.

It would be better to do that in a git post-checkout hook.

+1 for jq:

$ echo '{"test1": 1, "test2": "win"}' | jq .

The output is even colored.

@ianwalter: upgrade Git!

Or you can use my github-keygen to automate all this and use very secure SSH settings.

Posted to Version Requirements Check in Bash over 1 year ago

The interface could be much improved:

  • VERSION_CHECK[0] should just be the return code of the function.
  • VERSION_CHECK[1] should become VERSION_ERROR and be set only if an error occured.

Or use a powerful prompt such as zsh built-ins or liquidprompt.

You can also use "url.instedOf" to create shortcuts:

git config --global url."".insteadOf github:

I can then do;

git clone github:dolmen/github-keygen.git
Posted to Deploying maven artifacts from Travis over 1 year ago

This is a crazy usage of Travis-CI. Not recommended.

A few advices:
- remove the « ; » at the end of the lines: they are redundant with NL
- add quotes around « $1 »: cd "$1"
- remove « " " » after echo: just « echo » is enough to print an empty line

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@papaloizouc You'll have first to create something that will install Python on the machine. So your suggestion is totally counter-productive.

PowerShell is the scripting language for Windows platforms.

To switch between multiple Github accounts I have already built an ad-hoc solution : github-keygen. I'm using host aliases for the remotes to select the SSH key to use just once when I clone a repo.

Posted to automate SSH configs with python over 1 year ago

See also github-keygen, a tool dedicated to build you the best settings for your Github connections:

Posted to note about ssh-keygen over 1 year ago

Use the -f argument of ssh-keygen to avoid using the default path ~/.ssh/id_rsa.

Or store this information forever for a given host or set of hosts in your ~/.ssh/config.

See how github-keygen does this for your SSH links to Github :

Posted to Vim: Edit Files that Grep finds over 1 year ago

Instead of launching n instances of Vim it could be more productive to edit multiple files in a single one:

ack -l 'pattern' | xargs vim

Then in Vim, use :n to switch to the next file.

@hostonnet: That's not in their interest: web developers would stop using the CDN and they would not be able to track users anymore.

To easily setup your config for the Github SSH hosts, try my tool, github-keygen:

Posted to Full hostnames with ssh config over 1 year ago

For advanced SSH aliases to connect to Github, check github-keygen :

Posted to Setup ssh-agent forwarding over 1 year ago

If you use SSH to connect to Github, my tool github-keygen might be useful for the initial setup.

I'm using this SSH feature in my github-keygen tool.

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