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This is also tagged with a Rails tag, but Rails does this for me automatically when I edit files in development mode.

Might be different for Ruby apps?

Posted to jQuery DOM creation tips over 1 year ago

Yup, chaining is faster, didn't even know about the Object method of doing this (RTFM).

But for readability, I like the Object method.

This is pretty cool and I didn't know about this one. Tried to upvote, but yeah... that didn't work.

Posted to Using bitmasks to store settings over 1 year ago

@neutralino1, that is indeed THE solution for this. I love bitmasks too, they certainly make some tasks a lot easier (and save a lot of extra columns in your database).

BUT, you always got to be careful when using them, not just throw everything in there :P

Well, plugging in your headset should not do that in the first place. If unplugging your headphones helps, then it comes to mind that maybe you installed some software that is audio related that is messing up somewhere. Got any audio grabbing, streaming, equalisers installed? Get rid of them first to see if the problem is resolved then.

It's easy to write this off as an OSX fault, there are still many of them in Mavericks, but most of the time there is some sort of reason for this behaviour (incompatible software, for one).

Awesome, I have been using Automator scripts at the moment to get this done, which sucks, because they are launched when the user logs in instead of when the machine boots.

Tried to upvote to, but no dice there.

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