Last Updated: September 09, 2019
· Andrey Kuchaev

LinqPad and why it is a must have tool for any c# programmer

I am only asking you to do one thing: install LinqPad and try it.
When I was explaining to a friend the meaning of having LinqPad at hand I said following:

Let me show you why I am using LinqPad
Let's say I was not sure how regular expressions work in c#
In order to make a quick test like this one:

var someString = @"/ \ / ? * / my Precious contents ** /\ \\/??";
someString = Regex.Replace(someString, @"[?\\/*[\]]", "");

Now, on my multicore dragon Zenbook ux51vz starting Visual Studio doesn't take long, let's see.. (I started Visual Studio and it took aroun 15-20 second for it to load).
Ok, IDE is there, but it's not over yet.
I still need to create a new project (and ponder for 5 seconds if I want to use WinForms or if I should keep it simple and choose Console Project). After I copy/pasted the code to my IDE and pressed F5 nothing happened.

Ok, something happened and it was blinking of a black screen of the console that disappeared in a second. Right, I forgot to add Console.Writeline to show results. The I did it and then I put the still missing Console.ReadLine so that I could actually see my results on the console window.
A bit too much for a 2 lines snippet, isn't it?

Then I opened LinqPad in like 3 seconds, pasted the same code, added Dump() in the end like in:


And I saw results. Questions?

As Joseph Albahari (creator of LinqPad) says himself:

"You'll start using Regex a lot more once you have LINQPad"

And of course, Regex was only one example, just google linqpad and you'll see many more of the interesting things people try out in the LinqPad.

Just open the official LinqPad web page.

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Yeah I agree. I use it all the time for those "I think this works like this but I'm not sure" scenarios. I used to(I and I suppose I still do) have a Playground.cs unit test file in projects I was working on just to test out various concepts quickly. Nice thing about that is you already have the rest of the project in scope. Still though, I happily purchased Linqpad and it is most definitely a must have.

over 1 year ago ·

Exactly. I have also purchased the license when it was clear how much the tool can help. I have very old and slow PC at work and even though for some people the difference in time is not that big, for me it plays simply huge role.

over 1 year ago ·

This is pretty cool and I didn't know about this one. Tried to upvote, but yeah... that didn't work.

over 1 year ago ·

@depl0y I believe the coderwall site is still quite fresh, it may appear slow sometimes and there are few bugs still, nevertheless I've found it quite a convenient place to share drops of knowledge

over 1 year ago ·