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A good option for simple lists.

Thank you for a good selection

Thank you for sharing your observations.

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okay, thx!

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great, khasinski, thanks)

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Oh, this is cool information, I suffer from the fact that I accidentally add the wrong thing. thank you very much.

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Good info, thanks, just started working on this.

Oh, thank you very much this will help me a lot.

Okay, easy, thanks.

Useful and informative

working solution, easy and simple

Really? so easy! It's good that I saw it because I still didn't know ...

Thanks for the detailed instructions!

Never tried IN instead of ANY in PostgreSQL, maybe something will really come out of this?)

Thanks for sharing this useful code!

It solved my problem, thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing it!

Thanks, your post really helped me!

Great explanation. I like such dynamic things. I am interested in this and will try to repeat it, thank you.

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It's great that Key Bindings - User have such simple logic, but it's quite interesting. Thks

Thank you all for the tips. It's really nice that we help each other.

Thank you very much for sharing this information. This is very valuable information for me because I'm just learning.

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