Last Updated: November 09, 2018
· micjamking

Fix poor font-rendering in Chrome on Windows

For some odd reason, font-rendering in Chrome on Windows is slightly poorer than font-rendering in Firefox or IE on Windows 7 by default. I tried fixing the issue with several different CSS properties to no avail. Low and behold, it was a system/browser issue for me.

Here is how I fixed it:

  • Enabled ClearType with the default settings. Go to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Adjust ClearType text (on the left). Check the box entitled “Turn on ClearType.” After going through a short wizard, this will fix some of the text rendering issues in Chrome.

  • Enable "Disable accelerated 2D Canvas" in Chrome. This seems very counterintuitive, but if your graphics card does not have this capability, then vector objects in Chrome render poorly.

Some have indicated that upgrading the drivers for your video card have also resolved the issue, but this seemed to be the only thing that worked for me.

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"Accelerated 2D canvas" is in chrome://flags/

Helped me a lot! Thank you!

over 1 year ago ·

YES! this one solved it - Disable accelerated 2D Canvas.
my eyes thank you

5 months ago ·

Thank you, this is great! I forgot about the chrome://flags , thanks for adding that #Herzfinsternis

4 months ago ·

I've been trying to fix this issue on my Windows 7 rig for months. Messing with the ClearType settings appears to work, but the first time you restart your computer after that, it reverts to the poorly rendered fonts. There doesn't seem to be any intuitive way to make the ClearType settings sticky :-\

However... disabling 'Accelerated 2D canvas' in the chrome://flags finally did the trick. This makes total sense, because it's my PC at work that exhibits the problem, and it of course has a bottom feeder of a graphics card. My gaming rig at home, OTOH, has a top-of-the-line NVidia card and doesn't have this problem.

You're a star, Mike.

2 months ago ·