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@melisadlg I think you can achieve this by changing the background color of UIWindow.

@thgc Thanks! The full source code is available on Github.

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Any way to add more languages to code highlighter used with code fences?

Thanks! I end up using this one, seems more sophisticated to me and without jQuery:

Btw turned my website into standalone app, you might be interested to see one of the major bugs on iOS 8:

It's one of the options for sure and you should use that if it fits your purpose. In my opinion it will only work for loyal users.

Standalone apps have other problems like all links open in Safari or entire app reload when multi-tasking. All of this can be probably fixed but requires additional work, probably even a certain design of the web app.

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Arbitrary input can be dangerous.

Why not using models and performing date conversion on import from backend? Sorting then can be one liner and It would help you to clean the code from backend non-sense. Check Mantle, it's pretty slick.

Just curious, why not storyboards? Why old XIB approach?

@alexcristea, it's better be done from AppDelegate, Apple suggests to setup UIAppearance properties on the early stage of application lifecycle.

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