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Posted to Git Time Savers over 1 year ago

gifu is the best :)

My solution looks like this but it says (and the method name is: grst):
"Good news everyone, you lost everything on branch ${branch}, start over again..."

Posted to Check if element exists in JQuery over 1 year ago

Not so quick. I mean jQuery DOM operations are slow. Maybe it's a quicker way:


it return null if it's not exist, so it's false, otherwise it returns with the element, so it's true. It stops crawling on the 1st hit, jQuery does not (with big DOM it would be a problem on frequently search)

It's a not a big deal, but if you check a lot of elements then it's maybe painful.

Can I use?

I said the same at the first time, but it works. As their Wiki shows me, it can be useable as desktop (you can install Gnome, Xfce etc).

I could install Go, Ruby (RoR) [Redmine howto:]

So it is just awesome. I loved Gentoo as server but not as container base (lol, emerge everything :D that would be waste of time). Now I use Alpine as base. If I meet a problem where I can't use it I will publish it and then I use another distro as base image only for that specific case.

Posted to The Treehouse Show episodes to Plex over 1 year ago

Oops, I updated the script on Github.

Reason: I forgot the remove the comment sign (hashmark) before the download (curl) call.

Thanks to notice me.

Posted to Remove all docker images/containers over 1 year ago

you can use -f flag with rm to stop and remove. If you want to remove then maybe don't care about SIGKILL.

Nice :D (if someone asks me next time about Windows bash I will know the answer).

The script is awesome. My first usage was a script with readline and after the search the user (aka me) could select with a simple numeric answer to what to do. I use it for a while but after that I made a few small command instead of big script. It's more comfortable for me now :)

Maybe. Try to do not escape the ? and parentheses. Just a guess and maybe it works :)

I don't have a Windows box so I can't test or figure out what would be the problem. If you find please tell us. If someone meets the same problem then (s)he can find the solution here :)

I dont see your answer only I got a mail about it. Same issue with npm on windows. There is a comment that says:

Since this is one of the first google results for git bash's seemingly terribly outdated grep problem, I'll post a temporary workaround here.
Open <Git install directory>/bin and overwrite grep.exe with a more up to date version. I found two alternatives that provide -o support: GnuWin32's grep 2.5.4

The -o flag tells grep thet it needs to return only the matched section:

(clockwork) Ξ ~ → echo -en "Number: 123141221\nNot number: ajhdkjasd\n"
Number: 123141221
Not number: ajhdkjasd
(clockwork) Ξ ~ → echo -en "Number: 123141221\nNot number: ajhdkjasd\n" | grep "[0-9]\+"
Number: 123141221
(clockwork) Ξ ~ → echo -en "Number: 123141221\nNot number: ajhdkjasd\n" | grep -o "[0-9]\+"
(clockwork) Ξ ~ →

Section from the man:

-o, --only-matching
   Prints only the matching part of the lines.
Posted to The Treehouse Show episodes to Plex over 1 year ago

If you need more space, you can remove old files. Only the latest one that you need to keep and when the downloader meets with the latest file it will be terminated.

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