Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· yitsushi

The Treehouse Show episodes to Plex

The Treehouse Show

I love Plex and I love The Treehouse Show. So I have a Gold membership. I can not watch new episodes easily via Plex because I can use only as a channel where I can not set an episode as watched.

Here is a small shell script to download new videos in HD and place into a specified directory. This directory added as a media source in Plex Media Server. I have a little twist. I store my media files on an external 1TB drive, so I need to check if it is mounted or not.

Download this script:

Change configuration:

FEED_URL="RSS Feed URI from"

and remove (or comment out) the mount point check if you do not need.

Set as executable with chmod +x ~/.cron/ and dd it to your crontab: crontab -e

0 */5 * * *  ~/.cron/

(OSX: crontab -e creates a temp file like /tmp/crontab.GeQ3gXpZ13. After save and quit from the editor, you need to add the file to your cron crontab <filename> like crontab /tmp/crontab.GeQ3gXpZ13)

Check your success with crontab -l.

Now the script will be executed every hour that divisible by 5.

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If you need more space, you can remove old files. Only the latest one that you need to keep and when the downloader meets with the latest file it will be terminated.

over 1 year ago ·

Keep getting, "You do not have access to feeds of our content, please signup for a full Treehouse account". How do I get past authentication?

over 1 year ago ·

Oops, I updated the script on Github.

Reason: I forgot the remove the comment sign (hashmark) before the download (curl) call.

Thanks to notice me.

over 1 year ago ·