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Validation in Angular

0 responses · validation, angular, ngif, ngshow

Form- Basic Constraints - Symfony2

Isaac Limon G.
0 responses · php, validation, form, basic constraints

Delay validations in AngularJS. My take.

Matthias Dietrich
1 response · validation, javascript, validator, angularjs

C# Functional Validations

Luis Tellez
0 responses · delegates, validation, lambda, linq


Anton Kalyaev
1 response · ruby, activerecord, validation, forms

Placeholders shouldn't be used for labels

Kevin Curtis
3 responses · validation, html5, javascript, placeholder

Git hooks

Mattes Groeger
0 responses · hook, validation, commit, rake

AngularJS Form Validation

Tom Fenton
0 responses · angularjs, validation, forms, javascript
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C# Functional Validations
Luis Tellez
· delegates, validation, lambda, linq
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