Newest Sublime Text Programming Tips

IcedCoffeeScript with Sublime Text 3

Ionut-Cristian Florescu
8 responses · nodejs, sublime text, workflow, icedcoffeescript

Ironman Color Scheme for Sublime Text

Thirumalaa (Srini)vas
1 response · sublime text, sublimetext, color scheme, code editor

Use SublimeGit for quick frequent commits

Mark Wales
0 responses · sublime text, workflow, version control, git

Minimal Sublime Text Theme

Antoine Boulanger
0 responses · minimal, sublime text, sublime, sublime-text

How to set up Maven in Sublime Text

Kamil W
3 responses · sublime text, maven, build, tutorial

Replace Dreamweaver with Sublime Text

Dylan Kinnett
3 responses · sublime text, sublime, keyboard shortcuts, gists

Sublime Text Symlink

Francisco Ramos
1 response · sublime text, sublime, symlink

Json to plist (XML)

A. Miezan Echis
0 responses · sublime text, plist, json, tmlanguage

Fast Duplicate Lines in Sublime Text

1 response · sublime text, keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys
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