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Saving better SVG files

Ryan Roberts
9 responses · svg, optimization, optimisation, illustrator

JavaScript Looper

Daniel Lamb
4 responses · performance, loop, optimization, javascript

Lazy front-enders are lazy

Tom Schuermans
10 responses · front-end, optimization, javascript, jquery

Comparing Positions

Pranav Tekchand
1 response · vector, optimization, game-development, position

Optimizing PHP

Diogo Parrinha
1 response · php, performance, tips, optimization

mod_pagespeed from Google

Nathan Malcolm
0 responses · google, open source, apache, pagespeed

Page load time mindmap

Dmitry Pashkevich
1 response · performance, speed, optimization, webpage

Never optimise before need

David Fowler
1 response · refactoring, deployment, optimization

CSS in mobile web / PhoneGap

Giacomo Balli
0 responses · css, mobile web, phonegap, optimization

Get 4x the performance out of Heroku with Unicorn

0 responses · heroku, unicorn, optimization, performance boost
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Saving better SVG files
Ryan Roberts
· svg, optimization, optimisation, illustrator
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Stefano Azzolini
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