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Angular JS: Injecting a Filter in a Controller

1 response · javascript, web development, angular js, angular controllers

Access Localhost in Genymotion Simulators

Marshall Klickman
1 response · simulator, web development, virtual machine, localhost

Django URL redirect shortcut

Tim Heap
0 responses · python, django, shortcuts, web development

Uncle Bob on Web Architecture

Avner Cohen
0 responses · ruby, web development, design patterns, javascript

Sublime Text Useful Packages

Ammar Alakkad
1 response · php, sublime, sublimetext, plugins

Purposefully Architecting your SASS

Jason Edelman
0 responses · css, web development, front-end development, sass

Concepts I Learned After I Graduated That Are Vital to My Job

Jay Aniceto
2 responses · web development, learning, computer science, job experience
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