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start making aliases to change directories!

alias ..='cd ..'

It's the ALT key.

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Another one? Seventh post about it?

And again, I think using map <C-S> :w<CR> is a much better alternative.

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I'm using this for the same problem: map <C-S> :w<CR>. This enables saving with Ctrl+S.
I'm also using map <C-Q> :qa!<CR>.
I find these two very useful.

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Sharing opinions to give you some insight!

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I think you're reinventing the wheel here. You say that this is not the alternative to ActiveSupport, but they both share the same idea.
I've checked out the #stealth_delete source. There's the method in AS that provides the same functionality:

I'm opinionated that you'll find a replacement (ruby or rails) for almost any functionality your gem supports. If not, you should consider opening up a pull request on AS and adding your desired functionality. This way, your code gets revived by Rails core team and you'll get a great feedback on your code quality.

Why opening up a pull request on AS instead of building your own gems?
Because rails devs are familiar with AS and I'm sure anyone would rather see the names of familiar methods, than from the new gem.

Do you share my opinion? :)

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What's the benefit of using this instead of ActiveSupport core extensions?

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