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Posted to Move cursor in OS X terminal over 1 year ago

In iTerm, it's alt, great! Thanks man!

Why nobody saw my comment? Yes, you can use Dropbox Datastore API, and/or Google Drive API, or more simply, use :) Seriously check it out, I would like to have your feedback on that :)

Hey guys, it is part of the unhosted movement!

I personally like the NimbusBase approach :

Posted to Running modified specs with git over 1 year ago

I think it can be nice, I'm thinking about to implement some quick tests, before running the actual full list of tests.

For me, it would be :

  • If there is a spec or a feature modified, run it.
  • If there is a controller modified, run the associated spec and feature.
  • If there is a model modified, run the associated spec and feature.
  • If there is a view modified, run the associated features.

It doesn't cover all the cases, but the basics ones.

One more thing, I think you could drastically improve performance by 1st building a list of files, and then passing it to rspec. (If you have a lot of files, you'll load rspec and rails just once.)

Posted to Fed up of Mac os "sed" over 1 year ago

No, not yet.

But the issue I found is that you can't share script with mac community, but you can with the linux community. It's more a feature than a bug in my opinion!


I would like to push a meteor app, and have a cron with python :) I'm sure it's possible, but
- do you use chef to provision?
- do you plan to support meteor?


Posted to GitHub Markdown Cheat Sheet over 1 year ago


I'm here, typing M but it doesn't work :-/

Posted to Chef debug over 1 year ago

also :

chef-client --node-name "Jenkins" --log_level debug

Posted to Eat food over 1 year ago

Can I fork your plugin for a "Eat healthy food?"

Posted to Specs and cucumber : 32 or 64bit? over 1 year ago

Nope, just with ruby :)

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