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And: Beginners should also accept the fact that coding is a high-tech thing and it takes years to really learn it. Lots of people start coding on the weekend and expect to be able to build business-level applications within weeks. My advice is: Relax, take things easy, and hire a professional if you really need something quite fast. If you want to learn it, take your time, take things easy and don't get frustrated. Coding can be a pain in the s in the beginning, especially for self-learners. Don't pressure yourself, do it more for fun than for results in the beginning.

To be honest, this feels totally wrong. Writing 15 lines of command-line code, some of them totally cryptic, for a simple deployment, does not feel "simple", clean and professional. I would recommend professional Continious Integration tools and doing deployments with one click/command AND having the possibility to roll-back anytime.

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Interesting list! I would like to add my baby, a simple framework with heavy focus on login process (currently nameless): Find it here and here

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