Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· steveniseki

yeoman introduction

I have been playing around with Yeoman recently. It is a really awesome tool for setting up or "scaffolding" your web app.

Visit yeoman.io for more, or this cool tutorial

<b>Install yeoman</b>

npm install -g yo

<b>Scaffold a new web app</b>

// first create your new app folder, then cd into it
npm install -g generator-webapp

Now have a look in your application folder:

<i>app/ </i> is where non-compiled, non-minified source code lives

<i>app/scripts/ </i> is where your JavaScript/ CoffeeScript lives

<i>app/styles/ </i> is where your CSS/ LESS/ Sass etc... lives

<i>app/index.html </i> is the non-minified version of index.html

<i>Gruntfile.js </i> has all of the build, server, and test tasks defined

<i>bower.json </i> is our package manager file

<b>Other Yeoman generators</b>

You can scaffold more than just a simple web application. Yeoman recognizes many other generator- Node modules. For example generator-backbone will scaffold a backbone app, and generator-ember will scaffold an ember app

// Scaffold a backbone web app
npm install -g generator-backbone
yo backbone

yo has set up a nice production ready web application for us, so we can continue with the hard work now of developing our app.