Last Updated: May 13, 2021
· rahuldev

5 Common CSS mistakes developers make

If you are starting your carrier as a web developer, CSS is a headache for many developers, based on my experience. It takes time to learn it and master it. This article is covering some common mistakes that you may face when writing CSS code.
Ready, let’s go!

  1. Using px when it’s not needed⁣
    Do you know that you don’t need to use px when you want to set the a value to 0:

  2. Repeating the same code⁣
    Always keep in mind the DRY rule. Don’t repeat yourself. The number of code lines will cost you in terms of app performance and loading time.

  3. Using color names⁣
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Using a color code is better:

  1. Not using shorthand properties⁣
    Avoid multiline of code when you can do the same thing with one line:

  2. No font fallback⁣
    Always complete the font you’re using: