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Technologies you would know

Being a developer (or in any other technology related path) requires individuals to be constantly keeping up to date with latest technologies. So which technologies are hot on 2013 on IT/development?


If we check Indeed Trends ( you will find the following list:

  • HTML5
  • MongoDB
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mobile app
  • Puppet
  • Hadoop
  • jQuery
  • PaaS
  • Social Media

There are three important things we can extract from the list of the hottest technologies:

  • HTML5 (I would say HTML5+Javascript) is becoming the defacto standard for the web.

  • NoSql is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology. The market is requiring professionals both on MongoDB and Hadoop (and probably Cassandra, Redis and CouchDB also).

  • Mobile is more important that desktop. The list is plenty of mobile technologies: iOS, Android, Mobile app.

Forget about Java, .NET, Client-Side programming. That is the nowadays COBOL. Market is asking for people that understand the new web development standard (HTML5 + Javascript + Mobile). Professionals that understand how deal with big data challenges, able to adapt to this newly social media era.
Are you ready?


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COBOL is still relevant, also :) The thing is: if someone ask me for a recommendation TODAY to create applications, i wouldnt recommend Java or .NET at all. There are much more simpler and effective technologies, specially for the web.

over 1 year ago ·

Sure, it depends on the use case. Again, if you are going to develop some internal bank apps COBOL is the way to go.
If you require high performance, maybe C is better for some cases. So it depends, you are right. But the market is turning to new technologies (under the JS stack) and slowly abandoning typical client/service technologies like Java, IMHO. :)

over 1 year ago ·

I truly believe that Java & .NET are not so slowly following the path of Applets, and more recently, Flash, JavaFx and Silverlight. For startups is a no brainer solution to go for a technology stack like HTML5/Node.js/Mongo|Redis|Couch than the old one. Think in terms of complexity: No ORMs, no additional serializations, unique language across presentation, service and data layer, to say something. And I consider myself as a Java developer, but after working with this new technologies its clear for me that they are a gamechanger in almost every aspect.

over 1 year ago ·

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