Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· bt3gl

Proxying your Computer's Connection

Dealing with Dynamic DNS

When you are connected to an unsafe network, you might want to proxy it to your home computer. To be able to access your computer from an outside network:

  1. Set up an account at and set a hostname with your network IP.

  2. Set up the port forwarding in your router at

  3. Set up a static IP to your computer within your LAN.

  4. Go to port forwarding rules and add your computer IP and the port.

  5. Allow DynDNS in your modem configuration.

When at an Unsafe Network

To set up a SSH server in your PC at home (server computer), connect to this server when in an unsafe network by (client computer):


Where -N tells SSH to not open an interactive prompt.

For slow connections, you can use -C to use SSH's compression (gzip).

In the client computer, set the proxy connection in your browser (for example Firefox) to be manual, with:

SOCK Host: localhost
Port: PORT

That's it. You can check your IP changing to see if it worked. Browse safe!