Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· bwstud

Sublime Text: View in Browser


Instant Gratification

I started writing code in Brackets, the open-source, free text editor developed in partnership with Adobe. I still think it’s great, but, for the sake of being on the same page with my cohort at Codefellows I snagged Sublime Text Editor. One of the features I liked most about Brackets was Live Preview. I could hit a button and Brackets would launch Chrome, Google’s web browser, and render my project for a quick squirt of serotonin as I saw the beauties my fledgling code could create. That, or I'd unleash a string of vile epithets when I saw that my rendered page had little or nothing in common with what I’d meant to make.

Enter the ,"View in Browser" plugin for Sublime Text:

Here’s the plugin for Sublime from Adam Presley’s Github

The rest of this post includes some very basic instructions. If you’re an advanced user read no further. For the rest of us, here’s how to get up to speed:

  1. If you haven’t already, install Sublime Package Manager. @bwstud/9b582221959c" rel="nofollow">See here
  2. Open Sublime and hit cmnd (cntrl) + shift + p to open the command pane, then scroll through the list or type to search for Package Control: Install Package. Select it.
  3. This will take a moment and open a list of available packages for Sublime. Simply scroll through or search for the name of your desired package, in this case, “View in Browser”. Click and voila!
  4. The default command to preview your document in a browser is control + alt + v. Simply key that command from within your HTML, CSS or other document and you’ll be popped out to a browser to see how your work would appear on the web.

P.S. This package’s default is to render in Firefox. If you would like to change that you can do so from your user settings.