Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· purekrome

Get rid of the annoying Azure Emulator ERROR_WINHTTP_AUTODETECTION_FAILED errors

The Azure Emulator constantly spams the output console with this crap text:-

[MonAgentHost] Error: MA EVENT: 2013-06-12T00:26:31.384Z
[MonAgentHost] Error:     2
[MonAgentHost] Error:     6332
[MonAgentHost] Error:     232
[MonAgentHost] Error:     NetTransport
[MonAgentHost] Error:     0
[MonAgentHost] Error:     be21cd4f-f22c-4f43-b22c-655022b
[MonAgentHost] Error:     netutils.cpp
[MonAgentHost] Error:     OpenHttpSession
[MonAgentHost] Error:     749
[MonAgentHost] Error:     0
[MonAgentHost] Error:     2f94
[MonAgentHost] Error:     
[MonAgentHost] Error:     WinHttpGetProxyForUrl( failed ERROR_WINHTTP_AUTODETECTION_FAILED (12180)

So to get rid of it, you need to change your default Windows OS internet settings Proxy Auto Configuration to OFF.

(Basically, the emulator monitoring agent thingy thing thingy is trying to goto some localhost endpoint and is using your default internet settings to achieve that. By default, Windows OS has the proxy settings as Automatically Detect Settings -> ON

Lets turn it off.

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