Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· allysonbeckers

Speed Up Site Development With Mixture

Mixture is a new rapid prototyping and static site generation application, currently in public beta and available for both Windows and Mac.

Here's some info from their homepage:

1. Get started in no time

Select a boilerplate to get started quickly & easily with minimal fuss. You can favorite or even create your own — share your perfect starting point.

Select a boilerplate

2. Features and tools

Work in your editor of choice whilst benefiting from all of Mixture's features...<br /><br />
Simple but powerful templating — Server side language not required<br />
Mixture uses Liquid for templating but also supports straight HTML. Liquid is quick & simple to learn but super powerful, it supports Layouts, Includes and so much more. We're also adding support for languages like HAML.<br /><br />
Preprocessing, Minification, Concatenation & Optimisation<br />
Automatic support for preprocessing Sass, LESS, Stylus, CoffeeScript and Compass. Minified versions of stylesheets and scripts are created automatically, images are optimised and Mixture also has built-in support for concatenation.<br /><br />
Live refresh, style injection & instant multi-device testing<br />
Mixture enables live refresh, style injection & multi-device testing easily. All changes live across all connected devices. We've also built in a feature we call "follow the leader" so all connected devices will follow the device being driven.<br /><br />
Models & Data<br />
Mixture uses an intuitive model system. Architect and build against real data — it's a powerful and flexible way to keep your project DRY and test your front-end build.<br /><br />
Debug, Validate & Lint<br />
Mixture will flag and inform you of any issues while you work, we've built in tools to help you debug your project. There's even a nifty Chome extension to help debug your preprocessed styles!<br /><br />
Services<br />
We're working on lots of cool integrations for Mixture. The first of these is BrowserStack which enables you to view and test your local site on browsers & devices in the cloud.

3. Publish online

It's as easy as one click. Share your published URL, get feedback, client sign-off or even add your own domain.

Publish online

There's so much more to Mixture.

If you're interested please read the docs for the full lowdown, watch the tutorials & screencasts or follow them on Twitter for updates.

Neat, right? Go to for more info and to download.