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Most Commonly Used IRC Commands

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User Commands


Join a channel

/join <#channel>


Leave chat/channel

Makes you leave the specified channel.

/part <#channel> <message>

Closes inactive, chat, fserve, get, message or send windows.


Closes the query window you have open to the specified nick.

/closemsg <nickname> 

Leave network

Disconnect you from IRC with the optional byebye message.

/quit [reason] 

Sending Messages

Direct message to user

<nick> <message>

Send a private message to user without opening a query window.

/msg <#channel|nickname> <message> 

Open a query window with user and send them a private message

/query <nickname> <message> 

Send the specified message to all ops on a channel.

/omsg [#channel] <message> 

User Status

Sets away message

/away <msg>

Sends the specified action to the active channel or query window.

/me <action text> 
/me shakes fist in the air in frustration about learning IRC.

User Identification

Register a nick

a. Register your nick

/nick <user1>
/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email-address>

b. Hide your email


c. Force server to ask password for your nick

/msg NickServ SET ENFORCE ON

d. It's recommended to setup a second nick

/nick <user2>

e. Make sure you are still logged in as user1

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <user1> password

f. Group the two nicks

/msg NickServ GROUP 

Login with your registered used ID

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <nick> <password>

Disconnects an old session

/msg NickServ REGAIN <nick> [password]
/msg NickServ GHOST <nick> [password]

View yours or other user's info

/msg NickServ info #shows your info
/msg NickServ info <nick>

Channel Commands

Register a channel

Note: make sure you are logged in

a. Find if channel is available

/msg ChanServ info <channel>

b. Create and join your new channel

/join <channel>

c. Register the channel to your nick

/msg ChanServ register <channel>

Setup a channel greeting message

/msg ChanServ SET <channel> ENTRYMSG <message>

Change channel mode

/msg ChanServ SET <channel> MLOCK [+|-]<mode>
i       invite-only
k       channel password
l       join limit
m       moderated, only OPs can post
p       private
s       secret channel
t       only ops can change topic

Lock topic

/msg ChanServ SET <channel> TOPICLOCK ON

Regain channel op

/msg ChanServ OP <#channel> [nickname]

Give OP (founder) to other user

# Grants all flags to a user, including the founder flag (F)
/msg chanserv flags #<channel> <username> +*F
# Removes auto OP and Voice
/msg chanserv flags #<channel> <username> -OV

ChanServ help commands

/msg ChanServ help commands
-ChanServ- The following commands are available:
-ChanServ- FLAGS           Manipulates specific permissions on a channel.
-ChanServ- INVITE          Invites you to a channel.
-ChanServ- OP              Gives channel ops to a user.
-ChanServ- RECOVER         Regain control of your channel.
-ChanServ- REGISTER        Registers a channel.
-ChanServ- SET             Sets various control flags.
-ChanServ- UNBAN           Unbans you on a channel.
-ChanServ- Other commands: ACCESS, AKICK, CLEAR, COUNT, DEOP, DEVOICE, 
-ChanServ-                 DROP, GETKEY, HELP, INFO, QUIET, STATUS, 
-ChanServ-                 TOPICPREPEND, UNQUIET, VOICE, WHY
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