Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· zeplin

Designing Great Websites in the real Orange County

I am always trying to stay ahead of the curve in figuring out what is going to be the newest and brightest way to design websites. For a long time php was the dominant force in creating dynamic pages that can store data and interact with the user. This is still true today, but there are a ton of very simple tasks that php is really dumb at.

I had a talk with one of my good friends recently and we were discussing on how web designing should not be as difficult and complex as it needs to be. Code that is created for building websites was done by brainiacs that did not think about simplifying the process. The easier they can make it for others to build, the better applications are going to come out.

So, I decided to start learning ruby on rails. Let me tell you that in Orange County they are more concerned about image then programming. It was not an easy task to find a group that was interested in programming in rails. Through some digging on the internet and help from, I found some great teachers that have helped with my journey to become a ROR developer.

Rails when made by someone who thought to simplify tasks that are used frequently in development. All the complex code is handled in the backend and leaves setting up applications easier. When I was younger in I would spend hours working on problems that I though would solve the world. Later I discovered that each problem does not have one solution and you can search for hours.

To really help with my quest to learn rails, I went through a series of classes online that had me build a pinterest like application. It was super useful in the way it was taught. Instead of having you learn a bunch of terms it acutally just threw you in the lesson. Although you did not understand everything that was being done, you got the basic concepts.