Last Updated: December 26, 2018
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Start Bootstrap - Free HTML Starter Templates for Bootstrap 3

I use Bootstrap for some projects, just like many of you out there. Sure it has its limitations, and there is never a substitute for creating something 100% unique and original, but for short and sweet projects that need to be done quickly and cheap, Bootstrap is my go-to framework. Once Bootstrap 3 hit, I decided that I should share my personal starter templates that I had built for my own projects with the world, and thus Start Bootstrap was born.

Start Bootstrap - Free HTML Starter Templates for Bootstrap

Start Bootstrap is an ever-growing library of free HTML starter templates for Bootstrap. All of the templates are open source, unstyled, and ready for customization. The purpose of the templates isn't to provide you with a ready-to-go site, they serve more as inspiration or as a starting point.

I've tried to provide templates that feature some commonly used design trends or page layouts that we shouldn't have to re-imagine every time we start a new project. It's my goal to keep releasing templates and to keep everything well oiled and up to date for any changes to the Bootstrap framework. I also take requests, because I want to give users what they want to see!

So my tip I'm humbly offering up to you readers out there is my tool I built, Start Bootstrap. It's nothing fancy, but it's a good way to make those short and sweet Bootstrap based projects just a little bit shorter and a little bit sweeter. Browse through the template, take what you like, and enjoy!

If you feel like there is a template missing from the mix that you would like to see there, then please feel free to contact me with a suggestion, I will write you back and try to make your idea come to life!

Lastly, if you're already familiar with Start Bootstrap, then I think that is amazing, and thank you so much for your interest and support.

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We've just added a new template to the mix called 'Stylish Portfolio' - it's a great start to a photography, design, or art portfolio site. Grab it at http://startbootstrap.com/stylish-portfolio!

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nice stuff!

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