Last Updated: May 30, 2022
· milesmatthias

Using Dropbox instead of Github to get a free private repo

I like to have a "Projects" directory where I keep all of my projects. Some of them are hosted publicly on github, some of them are private side projects. Instead of paying github to host private projects, I use Dropbox for free to backup my code securely.

I accomplish this with a symbolic link. I make the directory for the private directory in my Dropbox folder, and then in Terminal, I go to my local "Projects" directory and create a symlink to the Dropbox project directory:

ln -s ~/Dropbox/Projects/project_name project_name

I still use git to take advantage of version control, but now the code is automatically and privately backed up.

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It's probably better to create bare "hosting" repository in Dropbox rather than directly linking. That way you get rid of constant traffic on saving files, temporary caches, etc. So:

git clone . ~/Dropbox/repo &&
git remote add origin ~/Dropbox/repo &&
git push origin master
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