Last Updated: December 30, 2020
· andreaspizsa

Bootstrap: Dropdowns on mouse over

We use Twitter Bootstrap and I wanted our navbar dropdown menus to open automatically on mouse over (hover), so this is a tiny JQuery JavaScript that does that.


Just put this at the end of your page, before the </body> tag. The minified script:

<script type="text/javascript">
(function(e,d,b){var a=0;var f=null;var c={x:0,y:0};e("[data-toggle]").closest("li").on("mouseenter",function(g){if(f){f.removeClass("open")}d.clearTimeout(a);f=e(this);a=d.setTimeout(function(){f.addClass("open")},b)}).on("mousemove",function(g){if(Math.abs(c.x-g.ScreenX)>4||Math.abs(c.y-g.ScreenY)>4){c.x=g.ScreenX;c.y=g.ScreenY;return}if(f.hasClass("open")){return}d.clearTimeout(a);a=d.setTimeout(function(){f.addClass("open")},b)}).on("mouseleave",function(g){d.clearTimeout(a);f=e(this);a=d.setTimeout(function(){f.removeClass("open")},b)})})(jQuery,window,200);

Source & Demo

See this jsfiddle for the complete, readable source and demo.


  • tiny code (~0.5k)
  • painless to integrate - just add it to your page, done. No config or init needed.
  • Menus drop down after a short delay of 200ms (adjustable) to avoid flickering


  • Works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, not tested on IE
  • Doesn't work properly on iPad Mobile Safari (should turn it off there because there's no hover state on touch devices)

How it works

Very simple. On mouseenter, the script sets a timer that adds the open class to the dropdown after 200ms. On mouseleave, the timer we set in mouseenter is removed so it doesn't actually fire, and we remove the open class again.

JavaScript vs. CSS-only

There are CSS only versions that achieve a similar effect, but sadly, those drop down too quickly. I wanted the menus to remain closed when you're just navigating the top bar, and only drop down when you actually stop over a menu for a (very short) while. I tried achieving this effect with CSS3 Transitions, but since those would leave out some older browsers, I ended up with this little JavaScript.

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We fully rely on selectboxit for stuff like this:

over 1 year ago ·

Thanks, max.

I believe both focus on different aspects and use cases.

The solution I shared here focuses on solving this single specific micro-problem with a tiny copy-and-paste javascript.

selectBoxIt is a full blown, very feature rich package of css and js to customize the look and behavior of standard html-select dropdown menus.

over 1 year ago ·

How would you go about for the dropdown menu to hang on for a slight delay after the mouse has left? It can be hard to actually catch the menu.
Anyway, thanks a lot for this script, it's exactly what I was looking for!

over 1 year ago ·

awesome man it just worked like hot cake .

over 1 year ago ·