Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· moak

Start dropping some -moz prefixes

In the spirit of

I have stopped including the -moz-border-radius prefix on projects and here is the rationalization:
According to
border-radius has been supported since FF4

When checking for the release history we can see, that FF3.6 was released nearly 3 years ago, FF4 has been available close to 2 years. So Users who have not upgraded their FF in 3 years falls into the ~1% and under category of browsers on the web

Which is almost equal to supporting IE6.

Now some clients want full cross browser support, and they will have to pay for IE6 compatibility, so why not FF3.6 > compatibility?

I'm just throwing it out there that maybe it's time to start embracing CSS3 without certain -moz vendor prefixes. (webkit will probably be a different ball game)

Like if you agree, comment if you disagree :)

PS: Or drop all prefixes and start using a JS script like

PPS: same goes for box-shadow but not for box-sizing so research the common -moz prefixes you want to drop and let them go

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