Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· webfacer

Ready to download fluid content with CSS3 property "flex"

I had nothing to do at my work, so i thought i could scratch a little bit with html5/css3. And choose to scratch a fluid template but with fix header, footer, nav & aside.

Today it´s so easy to do this things. i just needed to reasearch and read a little bit about in W3C about flex boxes and just test it. It is realy realy easy if you understand it. Never thought i could this without a pain in CSS2 and loosing worktime to make the client happy.

2009 i needed to build this layout and a little more trickier the left and right side had inner boxes which had to be fluid everything had to be fluid and more tricker some of them had fixed width. I spend hours and hours and thought i can´t do it and also for IE6 (omg so tricky this shit). But somehow i finished it and lost this template. And know i have to solve this again, but without IE6 (huh).
Thats why i searched for some CSS3 tricks and found flex.
And other helpfull trick in CSS2 but those didn´t help only what would help was the CSS3 flex property. But this i can´t use because of IE7-9...

But now i know what to use when HTML5/CSS3 is supported until 2014: fluid template

Note: No comments no optimization no reasearch about the html semantic if that is right how i used in layout. And feel free to spread it.