Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· navarro

SublimeText Build System for Love2D

For those using Love2D as game engine and SublimeText2 as IDE this *.sublime-build can come handy if you want to rapidly generate *.love file for testing.

"cmd": ["zip -9 -r --exclude=.love game.love .; ls"],
"selector": "source.lua.love",
"shell": true

This will generate a game.love inside your current folder excluding the .love files itself, also will show on SublimeText shell the output of the command.

By the way, if you want to run it in sequence just use as described bellow

"cmd": ["zip -9 -r --exclude=.love game.love .; ls; /Applications/love.app/Contents/MacOS/love game.love"],
"selector": "source.lua.love",
"shell": true

CMD receives a string used in terminal so using:
/pathToLoveExecutable name.love;
Will call the love executable as you would do in Terminal.

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Nice job, man. I really like Sublime Text and Love2D and this is very useful for the people who use them too.

Also, an easy option can be:
"cmd": ["love","$file_path"]

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