Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· xcambar

HALbert - Start using Hypermedia APIs

HAL stands for Hypermedia Application Language. It proposes a media type for representing resources and their relations with hyperlinks.

Need to know more about HAL ? Here's a great resource, by @mikekelly85, the author of the specification.

HALbert is a pure Javascript implementation of the HAL-JSON variant of HAL.

It is framework agnostic so you can use it with Express, Ember, Angular, Backbone, Spine or whatever you want to!

Just give HALbert a JSON Object and it will return an abstraction of its metadata, alongside the "raw" JSON object.

Everything that is needed is explained in the README file of the repository, go check it out!

How to install it ?

npm install halbert

And as usual: Clone it, fork it, use it, it's MIT!