Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· vinitcool76

New open source projects

Maintaining and contributing to an Open Source Project is a very important part of a developers life. Luckily, i am in a Company that gives me full liberty to contribute and infact we have a Open Source day(Friday) where we could open source reusable components of project we have been working on to the open source audience.

This is plain awesome, because not only it encourages a healthy culture of giving back to the community, also it improves the overall quality of the project as you just don't open source anything without getting it better.

With that said, I have open source two of my projects:


This is a django-cms plugin that gives the end user to showcase the photos from their facebook album without going through any code. Just enter the album name, album url and accesstoken and you are good to go.

It is also available to everyone on pypi, In order to install just do:

pip install cmsplugin-fbalbum

It is under heavy development and still in beta, but can be used. Any sort of contribution is welcome.


It is another dear project of mine, it was previously being developed by Google Engineer, Tom.H.Miller. Since he is quite busy nowadays and couldn't contribute actively, I have decided to maintain this project on Github and add features/bugfixes and refactoring.

I am happy to have these two projects in progress and will open source more of my stuff in future. Though i regret not blogging that often these days.