Last Updated: February 27, 2017
· mroach_

macOS: Determine if AC charger is connected.

If you want to determine at the command line if an AC charger is connected, you can use pmset to find out.

pmset -g ac

When a charger is connected, you get this:

Wattage = 85W
Revision = 0x0000
AdapterID = 0x0100
Family Code = 0x0085
Serial Number = 0x00225c8e

If no adapter is connected, you get:

No adapter attached.

I've also seen cases where macOS seems like it can't communicate with the charger properly and you get this as output. Unplugging and re-plugging may resolve this.

Revision = 0x0000
AdapterID = 0x0000
Family Code = 0x0000
Serial Number = 0x0000000