Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· artinruins

Visually highlight selected radios and checkboxes

I notice that most touch enabled devices (and more recent desktop browsers) do a nice thing with the checkbox and radio form elements — when marked up with a wrapping label, the whole label becomes tappable/clickable, making it much easier to select items in a list of checkboxes or radio buttons.

That's nice, but what I didn't like was the default -webkit styes for :checked checkboxes and radio elements — way too subtle in my opinion. I was also frustrated with the lack of style options available to these elements through CSS.

Instead, I decided to style the labels themselves, making it more apparent which ones have been selected. This has a bonus of being a nice visual for desktop users as well.

The Javascript

 * Add a class to the selected radio/checkbox parent label 
 * Requires inputs to be nested in labels: 
 * <label for="checkbox2"><input id="checkbox2" name="checkbox" type="checkbox">Choice B</label>
 * <label for="radio1"><input id="radio1" name="radio" type="radio" checked="checked">Option 1</label>
$('input:radio').click(function() {
$('input:checkbox').click(function() {
/* Loop through them on initial page load as well */
$('input:radio').each(function() {
$('input:checkbox').each(function() {


Here is a link to a JSFiddle with basic styling in place. Play with it to see the effect, and use it however you wish.