Last Updated: September 09, 2019
· mdeiters

Announcing Pro Tips & Hacker Desks

Us developers spend most of our time at desks in front of computers. The right setup is crucial for our best hacking. So we asked some of the awesome developers in the coderwall community to share an exclusive view of their work spaces and help us launch coderwall's new design.

Picture Ilya Grigorik

Ilya Grigorik is a developer advocate and web performance engineer at Google. He spends his days and nights working on making the web faster and building and driving adoption of performance best practices.
Check out Ilya's typical workspace

Picture Alex MacCaw

Alex is a JavaScript programmer, O'Reilly author, and works at Stripe.
Check out Alex's workspace

Picture Sam Soffes

Sam is an iOS and Rails software engineer living in San Francisco. He's previously worked at Synthetic (the makers of Hipstamatic) but now is working on his own thing.
Check out Sam's workspace

Picture Max Howell

Max is the author of the indispensable Homebrew OSX package manager...need we say more?
Check out Max's workspace

Picture Rachel Nabors

Rachel is not only an awesome programmer but she also is an award-winning comicker!
Check out Rachel's office

Picture Scott Hanselman

Scott works for the Web Platform Team at Microsoft but is best known for his speaking and popular blog.
Check out Scott's workspace

Picture Jeff Lindsay

Jeff is a prolific open source hacker and the co-founder of the one and only Hacker Dojo.
Check out Jeff's twilio work desk

Picture Dr Nic Williams

Everyone in the ruby community is indebted to Dr. Nic for his speaking, writing, and contributions to over 100 open source projects. Now you can see where some of the magic happens.
Check out Dr. Nic's Engine Yard desk

Picture Phil Haack

Phil now works at "GitHub doing crazy" and before that he was MVC program manager for a little framework called ASP.NET and NuGet.
Check out Phil's hacker space

Picture Michael Bleigh

Michael has created some of the most widely used open source libraries for the Ruby community, many of which are used to run coderwall - thanks Michael!
Check out Michael's vintage desk

Picture Chris Eppstein

Chris is the creator of the most excellent Compass stylesheet framework and a contributor to Sass.
Check out Chris's desk at Caring's office

Picture Rebecca Murphey

Rebecca is basically a jQuery genius. She's well known for her evangelism of jQuery on the yayQuery podcast, a co-organizer of TXJS, a contributor to the jQuery Cookbook from O’Reilly, and the author of the open-source jQuery Fundamentals.
Check out Rebecca's travel space at Bocoup

You can see rest of the community's hacker desks (and post your own) here.