Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· Paxa

Node.js standart libs auto-require

I like node.js because it's damn fast. But I also like to make a global objects in my application. I think nothing wrong with it. For example I have global.App object to keep object-wide things.

It was really annoying for me to write require('fs') or require('util') in every file, I also think it's not as fast as access global object.

So I come up with this solution:

var node = {};

var modules = ['child_process', 'fs', 'http', 'https', 'cluster',
  'crypto', 'dns', 'domain', 'net', 'url', 'util', 'vm', 'path'

var loadedModules = {};

modules.forEach(function(moduleName) {
  Object.defineProperty(node, moduleName, {
    get: function() {
      if (!loadedModules[moduleName]) {
        loadedModules[moduleName] = require(moduleName);
      return loadedModules[moduleName];

module.exports = node;
global.node = node;

It make lazy-loading for all standart libraries as getters of global object node
Later in my code:

node.util._extend({}, params);
node.url.parse(node.url.resolve(endpoint, filepath));