Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· simonbusborg

Simplify your life with Alfred

The Story

For about a two years ago, I started using <a href="">Alfredd App</a>. At this point, I didn't know the impact, Alfred would have on my daily workflow.

By now, I have bought the powerpack, and I pretty much automated everything that I meet, in my daily rutines. Right from creating new <a href="">Compass projects</a>, to changing my audio output.

WP Codex workflow

I rarely take my hands off the keyboard, because all I have to do, is to press cmd+space, and type my command. That's it.

Key features of <br />
- Find Applications & Files <br />
- Quick-Search the Web <br />
- Email <br />
- File Navigation (Requries <a title="Alfred app Powerpack" target="_blank" href="">PowerPack</a>)

Find Apllications & Files

I recommend, that you try to build your own workflows, for a better outcome that fit your needs. Alfred has a forum, where you can post your workflows, get inspiration and ideas - <a title="Workflow Forum" target="_blank" href="">Alfred Workflow Forum</a>.

Example of a hotkey workflow

This is some of my favorit workflows<br />
- <a title="Github Workflow" target="blank" href="">Github Worflows</a><br />
- <a title="Audio Workflow" target="
blank" href="">Change Audio output Workflow</a><br />
- <a title="WordPress Codex Workflow" target="_blank" href="">WordPress Codex Workflow</a>