Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· korni22


Because of the latest news, I am writing this "blog" post.

In my opinion, Ubuntu became Windows, when it comes to linux distributions.
It is slow, bloated and - if you ask me - WAY too conservative.

I am just now installing Ubuntu Server 64-Bit 12.10, and saw it is using Kernel 3.5.whatever.

Since kernel 3.9 seems to be released soon, I think they should hurry up, and adopt it.

Yes, I DO realize, that Ubuntu - especially the desktop-version - is supposed to be as easy as possible, or at least to be as easy as Windows is, since Canonical wants Ubuntu to have the easy of use, yet being open.

But if you ask me, they should switch to the Rolling release-model, which, as you might know, already has been rumored to switch, which is probably easier for both the developers and the users, since they just, you know, install the version and it runs.

Arch Linux already does that, and if you ask me, it is pretty awesome.

In my head, it is a lot harder, to maintain a LTS version a "normal" version of an complex piece of software, especially for an operating system.

Think about it, you have to patch everything twice, test everything twice and release everything twice.

This should be even for a company like Canonical (they have around 500 staff members, and of course a lot people, that do the development in their free time) a buckload of work, and people seem to stop their work for Ubuntu (I know this is "just" the developer of Compiz).

So, in conclusion, they shoud change things:

Update faster, switch to Rolling release, strip everything a bit, maybe even more things.