Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· lepht

Do terminal pair-programming via the browser?! Pssh!

If you do any pair programming at all, you have to check out this killer project from @kellym and the folks at portly:

Ever have an itch to show code off to your buddies? Or how about make an ASCII dog run across the screen while your co-workers watch in awe?

What about just wanting to pair program without all the hassle of setting up an SSH user, figuring out how the heck to get tmux to integrate everything, and then opening up port 22 on your firewall to let everyone know you're ready and willing for the all the brute force attacks your network can handle.

What if it was as simple as opening up a new shell, or a tab in tmux or screen, typing four letters, then sharing a URL with a friend?

Pssh is bounds better than my previous best solution -- wemux and reverse SSH tunneling -- and is the first truly painless terminal-based pairing setup I've seen.