Last Updated: May 23, 2019
· rwz

Build yourself a screensaver: a webdeveloper way

If you're like me, you're probably unhappy with all these screensavers, available for OSX by default. They're boring, everybody in your office use them. Or maybe even your mom has one hangin' on her display all the time.

Anyway, all cool kids should have something different, something non-default, maybe something custom made. Agree?

Well, until recently I thought you have to learn Obj-C and XCode to do such a simple thing as screensaver. Turns out, you don't. Your base webdev skillset should be sufficient for it. Basically, it's possible to build a screensaver using only HTML and JavaScript. How cool is that?

All you need is this thing:

This is a screensaver, that shows WebKit component that loads the HTML file stuffed inside its package. You can right-click "Show Package Content" on it, got to Content/Resources and replace its index.html with your own stuff, put some fancy styles and javascript there and you're done. Easy-peasy!

One advise thought. Don't rely on CDNs for loading libraries and so on too much, because you probably don't want your screensaver to depend on internet connection, do you?

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over 1 year ago ·

We are building a brand new robust and easy to use screensaver to display web pages. It's called Screensaver Ninja and you can find it here:

It has a very easy to use configuration tool that allows you to load more than one page and set for how long you want to show it and also interact with the pages, logging in to those that require it. This is important because we don't share sessions with Safari although we use webkit to display pages.

Screensaver Ninja will also be available for Windows.

over 1 year ago ·