Last Updated: September 09, 2019
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Open many files in vim tabs

A pretty simple but useful hint.

vim -p file1 file2 file3

Also works well with wildcards

vim -p *.txt

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There's also handy -o flag which opens files in splits. I use it like this:

vim -o $(git ls-files -m) 


over 1 year ago ·

How to switch between splits or tabs?

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@milani: I use gt ja gT to move between tabs, you can also specify in which tab you want to move with 4gt
gt => :tabnext and gT => :tabprevious

Split works by default with ctrl-w and then direction key from hjkl. For example move to splitted window right of current window is ctrl-w l

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@samitheberber @milani In my distribuion spf13-vim I've mapped these movements to Shift+hl respectively.

I've also mapped split (window) movements to Ctrl+hjkl for faster access.

This makes a lot of sense to me and keep well within the core vim. Now switching between tabs & windows follows the same pattern as moving the cursor and requires only a single modifier.

To learn more checkout

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I came upon this the other day. If you already have vim open, :args src/**/*.html | argdo tabe % | syntax on It's mildly annoying that it turns syntax off, but it's certainly easier than the alternative.

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@milani splits are windows, so you can move betwen them using CTRL+w

Also, if you prefer vertical splits, use vim -O filename

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