Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· alexanderbrevig

Use reflection on yourself

So this is a slightly pretentious protip, but I find this mindset has really helped me enhance my my skill sets and personal development.

It's really simple:

1. What do I know better now, than I did one year ago?

2. What would I like to be better at next year?

3. What do I need (to do) in order to accomplish my goal?

One more thing, don't tell anyone until after you've accomplished your goal. The mind is actually satisfied by your stating your goal, often sufficiently that the desire for really accomplishing the goal is secondary.

I'll work out three times a week from May, until summer vacation


I'll be sure to save more money for unforeseen expenses

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Someone might say it's pretentious, yet I don't think I've wasted my time by reading it:)

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