Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· juliencharette

Modern Front-End Web Developer Toolbox

This is the stuff I use daily. Production increased tenfold.

Sublime Text 3

This is the best code editor ever. Period. And it gets even better with the Spacegray theme.

Must have plugins:

  1. Package Control
  2. Emmet

List of all available plugins here.


Because Git in the terminal sucks. Tower is too expansive with cluttered interface, SourceTree is... mehhh I guess it's fine but I personaly don't dig Atlassian UIs and tools. Use SmartGit community edition, it is free and perfect.

Adobe Project Parfait

I hate photoshop. I love code. Let's keep it that way. Apps like Adobe Project Parfait or Avocode will litteraly change your front-end development paradigms. No more fucking around with PSDs.

Vagrant + VirtualBox

No more clusterfuck desktop. Keep your machine clean. Work with VMs. With vagrant and virtualbox, fire up virtual dev machines in no time. One command to rule them all. It'll force you to learn linux and web server stuff. Beleive me, it is good for your career.


Keep your repos tidy. Bower is super easy to use and reduce the size of your repository. It is also easier to update vendor libraries. Check it out.
Now please trash Dreamweaver and all the other crappy apps they teach you at school. You deserve better.


This tool is pure magic. Compile SASS, CoffeeScript, Minify, Uglify, Optimize, etc. All the shitty task you do every day with countless softwares can be done with this single beast. Once you set it up, run one command and you're set.


Write CSS like a boss. Keep it DRY. Maintainable, clean, powerful css on steroids. Give it a shot and tell me about it.

Chiptronica Carnival

OK, it ain't no tool... But it's damn good. Best soundtrack for coding ever. I miss the old NES days :)

Say no to WYSIWIG Dreamweaver-like tools. You deserve better.
Have a nice geeky day.

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On OS X I've been using http://www.colorchooserapp.com/ for a long time.

over 1 year ago ·

Thanks I'll give it a shot.

over 1 year ago ·

I would recommend Frank DeLoupe for OS X.

over 1 year ago ·

Nice UI, I'll check it out.

over 1 year ago ·