Last Updated: March 08, 2016
· felipelavinz

Hosted ElasticSearch

If you're looking to use ElasticSearch but can't be bothered with all the tricks and pression of maintaining a cluster running, there are quite a few options for a hosted installation where you can get your cluster running.

Some of them:

  • hosted on the Rackspace cloud; they have a free plan with 1GB of data, 1 shard and no replicas, and some bigger, paid plans. Can deploy to the US or North Europe. Their support it's super friendly and quick. Your cluster will have a public URL (for AJAX calls) and a private one, and they have access control based on IPs
  • all their plans are free during beta; they have a free WordPress plugin and a free plan for 3K documents
  • pay-as-you go, you can choose the cluster size as well as the number of data centers where your data will live; free trial for 14 days, their admin panel it's very neat and includes some monitoring plugins (head, bigdesk and paramedic); access control via yml config files
  • Bonsai: available as a heroku addon, with a free starter plan up to 5K docs or 1MB of data
  • IndexDepot: based in Germany, 30 days free of charge when you sign up

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Thank you for posting this, Felipe... StackSearch (the developers behind Qbox) would be glad to help you scope out your search project, too.

over 1 year ago · - We offer a free plan of 500MB and 5,000 documents. Your cluster URL can be accessed privately and also publicly (read-only) for AJAX calls. We're hosted on Windows Azure.

over 1 year ago ·

Hey, Felipe. Since this was composed, there have been a ton of changes at Qbox. First, we have changed over to dedicated VM's on 3 different public cloud vendors -- AWS, Softlayer, and Rackspace. Provisioning is available in any of the data centers on these 3 cloud vendors, enabling users to locate their search index next door to their primary data store. Plus, backup snapshot & restore are available.

Try it out at

Mark Brandon, CEO, Qbox

over 1 year ago ·