Last Updated: July 20, 2020
· krmbzds

Wget on Steroids

GNU Wget; your awesome little non-interactive network downloader.

On a bad day, this beast kicks a lot of download manager ass in my opinion. However, it might need you to pass some commandline options to reach it's full potential.

I present to you my ideal wget command:

wget --tries=0 --continue --server-response --timeout=0 --retry-connrefused --content-disposition <file-url>

You can add it as an alias to your shell profile:

alias fget="wget --tries=0 --continue --server-response --timeout=0 --retry-connrefused --content-disposition "

And get to business:


You can tailor it to suit your needs.
Make sure to check man wget for a full list of options.

Happy downloading!