Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· mattcodez

Full-text Articles On Main Wordpress Page

I'm still new to Wordpress. With a site I'm working on, I wanted to always show the full text of the post on the main page. There's no option for this by default in Wordpress itself and the free template I'm using has no option for it. Searching, everyone is saying that I need to hunt down a function named


and replace it with


Now, I'd rather not do this as a template update down the road could revert my changes. After reading through the code, I notice this particular template runs the_excerpt function when get_post_format() returns false. When does get_post_format() return false? When no post format is specified. So getting the full text to show on the main page was as simple as editing the post and setting the format to Video.


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Hi, you need to create a child theme so your changes do not get reverted when the parent theme gets updated. You're likely going to want to make this change to your post format files, depending how you want the content shown in excerpts or full.

Once you do that, duplicate the template you want to display the full excerpt, and look for theexcerpt(); and replace with thecontent();. Save the template file in your child theme's folder where the post format files are similarly located in the parent theme folder.

It largely depends on how the theme developer designed the theme and not all themes display post formats the same way.

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Thanks for the info! I may end up having to do this.

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