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Posted to Generate your changelogs with Git log over 1 year ago

I remember reading your post about it and i actually use an alias to generate my markdown version of my changelog

chlogm =  !sh -c 'git log $1...$2  --pretty=format:\"%s [view commit]($3/$4/commit/%H) \"' -

and use it like this:

git chlogm first_tag last_tag github_user github_repo


git chlogm v1 v2 bainternet Admin-Page-Class

Not really sure the image must be a versioned as you can see here
which shows images remotly hosted.

And if you want the image to link then markdown syntax should be

[![Link Title](http://image/url "Image alt")](

You can use it for many things such as creating a custom API endpoint in WordPress,
Split content across multiple urls like what we have on’s plugin directory (description,install,faq,...)
and i use it mostly for creating "sub posts" for custom post types

A better way would be use this two hooks

// Style action for the post new page
add_action('admin_print_styles-post-new.php', 'posttype_admin_css'); 
// Style action for the post editting page 
add_action('admin_print_styles-post.php', 'posttype_admin_css'); 

So you only run your conditional check on the needed pages instead of all admin n pages.

Posted to Don't Rush To Create Git Aliases over 1 year ago

Or you can create a new Alias to list your defined alias :)

aliaslist =  config --get-regexp '(alias.*)'
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